New Hobby

Since I can’t knit, I’ve decided to read more. I bought myself the new Nook Glowlight. It’s pretty cool. Right now I’m reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I’m about halfway through. I’ve also decided to draw more like I used to. Here is a pencil portrait I drew while I was in high school many years ago.


Sad Realization

I have decided that I’m going to stop knitting for awhile maybe forever. It’s so sad because it’s my absolute favorite hobby. Both my arms are bothering me now and I can’t have that. I think the one is caused by a pinched nerve in my shoulder or something. I have a huge knot in my muscle right on the spot where it hurts and parts of my hand are somewhat numb. Time for a good massage.


I started the Barkley sweater over the weekend. It’s knitting up quickly. I chose Vanna’s Choice Plum Jam for the yarn. It’s a dark purple with little flecks of other colors in it. Almost tweedy looking. It’s durable and washable. Here’s a sneak peek.


So Over It

I am so close to being done with the crocheted dog sweater. I just want it to be done. I’m making the back band now then have to sew it on. Then, I have to seam the underside together and add the leg ribbing. I picked a crochet pattern because I wanted something quick and I was having trouble with the knitted pattern I was working on. So much intricate detail (cables, seed stitch, and honeycomb) and it was taking forever so I just gave up on it. The yarn I was using was worsted weight but really thick and it was hard to cable with it especially the honeycomb pattern. I enjoy knitting so much more than crochet plus it just looks better. I have to make one more dog sweater and I have picked the Barkley Dog Sweater by Luciana Young via Ravelry. I may have to alter it some to fit the dog I’m making it for. It looks very nice and easy enough to do. I also picked out several others that I might do in the future. I make lots of dog sweaters for the colder months and sell them at my mother’s veterinary practice. People really like having stylish sweaters to wrap their pups up in. My lacy latte sweater is being put on hold for now till I finish all these asked for projects. Once these are done, I will not take on any more. I just want to take it easy and make stuff for me at my own pace. I love browsing the patterns on Ravelry and drooling over the gorgeous sweaters and cardigans. I usually pick sweaters over cardigans because I don’t like sewing on buttons.

Knit Fever

I’ve got so many projects to finish and all I want to do is work on my sweater. I am almost done with the crocheted dog sweater for a friend’s pooch. Then I have to start another knitted dog sweater for another friend’s dog. Luckily the dog is small. Then I have to make a hat and scarf for my good friend. I need to finish the second crocheted baby sandals for a friend’s newborn. Once all of that is done, I can go back to working on my Lacy Latte. Maybe I’ll work on all of them at the same time, just alternate. My sweater will probably take me a long time because I can only work on it for about 30 minutes at a time then my wrist starts to hurt and I have to take a break. The next thing I think I will do after all of that is a nice pair of socks because they are a small project. I need to learn the two at a time method so it will go by quicker. After that the Common Ground Cardigan. So So much that I want to do and so little time!