Mini Freak Out

I left the room for a second and came back to find my dog tangled up in my yarn and had pulled stitches off the needles. I freaked out some, untangled him and then proceeded to pick up the dropped stitches. I was able to pick them up without any holes so I’m calm now and my dog is not in trouble. It wasn’t his fault that I left my project laying out without the tip protectors on it.

So many projects, So little time

There are so many things I want to make, especially for myself but I keep getting request for things from friends and family. I currently have two projects going simultaneously. I have like 5 things in my Ravelry queue, cardigans, socks, hats, etc plus others I have favorited. I should just cast it all on and rotate out what I work on right? I think so.

Lacy Latte

I am starting a new sweater for myself. The pattern is Sweet Pink Pullover by KleverKnits. I am making it in a light brown color hence the name. I thought it had a nice ring to it. The pattern alternates stockinette and lace stripes and has a dropped shoulder. It looks really cool. I only have about an inch of the ribbing done so I didn’t think it was picture worthy but pictures will come once I get further into it. 208 stitches with DK weight yarn and US 4 needles takes a little while to get through. LOL!

Designer Spotlight: Noe Valley Sweater by Katherine Lee


Beautiful sweater!

Originally posted on berroco design studio:

Whenever she  would  run errands or drive her kids around town, Katherine Lee  wished she had something warm to throw on in the car – especially on those chilly mornings. In particular, she wanted something that would work over a variety of outfits and could keep her neck nice and cozy. She came up with a general design and started knitting.

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