My good friend wanted me to make her a hat so I said no problem. I went out and picked up some nice Lion Brand Heartland in a black heather. The actual color is called black canyon. I had never used the yarn before but it’s very soft and works up quickly. I made the first hat using the Tamarack Beanie pattern by Kalurah. It’s worked at a loose gauge, Aran weight yarn and US 11 needles. I like the pattern but I messed up on one of the braided cables and it came out sloucher than I wanted so I had enough yarn to make another hat. I don’t have photo of the first hat. The second hat is the Butterfly Hat by Sofiya Cremin. It’s worked on US 5 and 7 needles so the stitches are quite a bit tighter than the first hat. I like that because it feels and looks warmer. I loved making this hat. I love the pattern. It came out just like I wanted. I’m so happy with it and I think my friend will be too. So now she’ll have two nice black beanies. Here’s a peak at the second hat.




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  1. Dawn says:

    Beautiful hat – I just added that butterfly pattern to my Ravelry library. Thanks for sharing the photo and link.

  2. Lovely. I hope your friend loves it too.

    1. clstrongin says:

      Thank you. She does.

  3. Megan-Anne says:

    That’s an interesting texture. Very nice!

    1. clstrongin says:

      Thanks. I love that the pattern actually looks like little butterflies. It gives a nice visual than just having a plain stockinette hat.

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